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If your answer is YES! read more below about 12 ways you can help Planet Bee change the world – one student and one bee at a time!


1. Donate!

Donating is one of the most direct ways you can help Planet Bee. Even just a $10 donation will provide a student with our un-bee-lievable E-STEM distance-learning program! You may even commit to a long-term impact by giving a monthly, quarterly, or annual donation that will ensure our environmental educators will keep spreading the word to save the bees for years to come!

Check out our Donate page now! 

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2. Start a Facebook Fundraiser!

Help get others buzzing about Planet Bee by starting a Facebook fundraiser! Whether for your birthday or another occasion, set up a fundraiser to inspire your friends to help Planet Bee. Any donation, however big or small, will aid us in our mission to create a green-minded generation through environmental stewardship, using the lens of the struggling honey bee to teach the power of individual action.  

Take a look at our Facebook Fundraising page which will provide you with detailed instructions on how to set up your fundraiser today!

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3. Shop Online!

This is perhaps the easiest way to contribute to Planet Bee! By joining services such as Amazon Smile, iGive, and Giving Assistant, you can help bring smiles to children all over Northern California just by shopping! These services will either donate a portion of your purchase’s proceeds to your favorite charitable organization at no cost to you or allow you to earn cashback on your purchases, which you can choose to donate to nonprofits like Planet Bee. In the case of Amazon Smile, just go to , select “Planet Bee Foundation” as your charity, and shop as you normally do! Half of a percentage of your proceeds will be donated to Planet Bee, where they will go directly to our educational programs. 

To learn more about how you can donate to Planet Bee by shopping online, click here!

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4. Purchase Planet Bee Merch!

By ordering Planet Bee merchandise, you will not only look un-bee-lievably cute in our comfy sweatshirts or sporty in our premium tank tops, but you will also be supporting our educational programs! 100% of the proceeds from Planet Bee merch purchases go to our K-12 E-STEM programs.

Check out our bee-utiful merch here!

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5. Nominate Planet Bee for a Virtual 5K!

Undoubtedly one of the most fun and active ways to support Planet Bee is nominating us to be the recipient of a virtual run! A portion of the race registration fee from each individual is donated to a nominated charity. When proceeds go to Planet Bee, they fund our educational programs and our overall mission to create a green-minded generation! On one of our favorite sites, Virtual Run Events, you can nominate Planet Bee by going to their “” page and filling out the form. Virtual Strides is another un-bee-lievably great site where you can recommend Planet Bee as a recipient charity! Just go to their “” page, click the little blue “Help” button in the lower right corner, then click the “Contact us” button that will appear in the same window. From there, you will be able to complete a form where you can nominate Planet Bee Foundation to be the recipient charity for a future race!
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6. Bring a Team-Building Workshop to Your Company!

Planet Bee’s virtual team-building events are a buzzworthy opportunity for remote teams to engage with each other, build camaraderie, and learn how to save the bees! Each virtual workshop includes a presentation on bees and their importance, a Q&A, and a hands-on activity. By bringing a Planet Bee workshop to your company, you will not only educate and enable your staff to bond, but you will also provide our STEM lesson programs to students at little to no cost! 

Learn more about providing a team-building workshop to your employees on our Virtual Corporate Team-Building Workshops page today!

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7. Provide an In-Kind or Non-Cash Donation!

Do you have office equipment you no longer need, but that can still be used? We always appreciate receiving items such as desks, standing desk equipment, bookshelves or other kinds of storage, computers, tablets, and cameras. These items provide us here at Planet Bee with the essentials to run efficiently and provide the best resources to students and teachers across the country!

If you have items to donate or would like any additional information, check out our In-Kind Donation page.

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8. Donate via Philanthropic Services!

If your workplace allows you to donate your volunteer hours through companies like , , and , consider giving to Planet Bee! Platforms such as these enable and empower you to do good, through volunteering, fundraising, and cause-focused campaigns, while ensuring the impact on communities is tangible, like donations to nonprofits. If your employer is not currently participating in these, or any other, philanthropic services, consider recommending one, as the benefits are incredibly impactful!
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9. Participate in SurveyMonkey’s Contribute Program!

With each survey you complete from SurveyMonkey Contribute, you can earn 50 cents to donate to Planet Bee and other charities of your choice. To begin, just go to , follow the steps to create your Contribute account, and start taking surveys! Each survey and donation makes a huge difference and supports Planet Bee’s mission to educate, inspire, and create a green-minded generation.
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10. Design T-shirts on Behalf of Planet Bee!

On the platform, you can upload your own t-shirt designs and fundraise for Planet Bee. When you sign up , you will design your t-shirts, set your prices, and select The Planet Bee Foundation as your fundraising campaign. Our organization will then be displayed on your profile for others to learn more about us! Your payout will be sent directly to our organization.
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11. Donor Advised Funds

A DAF is a centralized charitable account. It allows charitably-inclined individual, families and businesses to make tax-deductible charitable donations of cash, publicly-traded stock and in some case, certain liquid assets, to a public charity that sponsors a DAF program.To donate to Planet Bee through DAF Direct, or to learn more about DAFs, .

Questions? Email our Executive Director at .

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12. Employee Matching

Does your corporation have an employee matching program? If so, you can DOUBLE your impact! Thanks to you, twice as many students will be exposed to our cutting-edge STEM curriculum, coming face to face with live honey bees and learning the importance of environmental stewardship to our planet’s future.If your company does have a matching program, then fill out their matching gift form and mail or email it to Planet Bee, or log into your company’s matching gift website to request the match. It’s that simple!

Questions? Email our Executive Director at .

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