AJ Baucco Coaching

Why Choose AJ Baucco Coaching?

Elizabeth Chois

I have heard nothing but positive raves about AJ for a year. When I decided to do an Ironman, there was no doubt he'd get me to the race prepared physically and mentally.

- Elizabeth Chois

jim Phillips

hoping to improve!

- jim Phillips

Heather Nore

I met a friend who has been training with AJB for quite some time. I looked up AJB, completed some additional research, and here I am.

- Heather Nore

Jamie Chapoteau

Because there is a method to AJ's madness and it works. Seriously. He's also an awesome dude and this is a really awesome team to be on. Love the style of coaching and love the good people who are a part of AJBC who encourage each other so much.

- Jamie Chapoteau

Brian Wilson

I've been in the sport for almost 10 years and have been self-coached the entire time, relying on magazine articles in Triathlete and Runner's World and general feel. This has helped me compete reasonably well in the shorter races. Completing an ironman effectively requires a whole new level of planning, commitment, nutrition strategy etc to stay injury free and have a great experience. AJ came recommended by several of the top triathletes in the Cleveland area for this type of expertise. Additionally, it is very rare for an active top pro triathlete to spend time training and counselling age group racers. The training plan is well structured, the workouts are interesting, and the nutrition plans are very thorough and detailed (I never thought I'd be able to give up coffee but I have). AJ is also extremely responsive. I've enjoyed working with him again in 2015 as he helped me become an ironman in 2014.

- Brian Wilson

Jen Borovica

I can't imagine where I would be without AJB coaching. I was headed straight for the land of injury and burnout before my racing even really started. Since I have been with AJ, I have been making huge gains and training on a body that feels healthy and strong day in and day out. I am learning so much about nutrition, fueling, and zone training. The way I view training has evolved and I now have learned to value the lower intensity and rest and recovery. I feel much more rounded as an athlete. Another really big benefit for me has been AJ helps to keep me focused on working towards my goals. It would be very easy for me to continually train my strengths and go off and do random races or participate in other random types of exercise, but having AJ he keeps me focused on my main goals. He also helps to keep me sane when my stress levels are high. I couldn't ask for a better coach.

- Jen Borovica

Ryan McCready

AJ is a student of the sport and knows the coach-athlete relationship from both sides. He is very attentive to my needs and readily available to make alterations to my schedule.

- Ryan McCready

Elizabeth Remillong

I love working with Lesley! I enjoy the structure of having my workouts laid out for me and she is great with giving feedback.

- Elizabeth Remillong