AJ Baucco Coaching

Why Choose AJ Baucco Coaching?

Dan Ostrowski

I went to the triathlon camp and enjoyed the other athletes and coaches and decided to commit. Great group of people! I look forward to getting better!

- Dan Ostrowski

Michele Keane

I believe that initially I hooked up with the Baucco Squad through the encouragement of folks from the Cleveland Tri Club. I was ( and still feel like I am) totally new to the triathlon world and it seemed like a good fit and a good idea to have a coach. I have loved working with Lesley as I am one of those athletes who responds well to a plan and likes to be able to bounce ideas of a person rather than just follow a printed workout list. I really feel like I have made tremendous progress and working with a coach keeps me accountable.

- Michele Keane

Jen Borovica

I can't imagine where I would be without AJB coaching. I was headed straight for the land of injury and burnout before my racing even really started. Since I have been with AJ, I have been making huge gains and training on a body that feels healthy and strong day in and day out. I am learning so much about nutrition, fueling, and zone training. The way I view training has evolved and I now have learned to value the lower intensity and rest and recovery. I feel much more rounded as an athlete. Another really big benefit for me has been AJ helps to keep me focused on working towards my goals. It would be very easy for me to continually train my strengths and go off and do random races or participate in other random types of exercise, but having AJ he keeps me focused on my main goals. He also helps to keep me sane when my stress levels are high. I couldn't ask for a better coach.

- Jen Borovica

Ken Hagan

After 15+ seasons in multisport, I am still looking for ways to improve my performance. I have had two other coaches in the past, and AJ is truly a student of the sport and a fantastic coach! I have already experienced big gains in performance and overall well-being! The plans and feedback from AJ are second to none!

- Ken Hagan

Lisa Marie Weisbaum

Need to make that finish line in 2018!

- Lisa Marie Weisbaum

Jason Blevins

Met AJ at the 2013 Ironman Texas, where I was volunteering. Didn't really know what I was getting into by signing up for 2014, and felt like AJ was a good fit with my personality. Have really been impressed with his personalized focus on the challenges I face. AJ is basically taking on the task of getting me from zero to Ironman in less than a year. Best of luck to him.

- Jason Blevins

jim Phillips

hoping to improve!

- jim Phillips

Patrick McNicholas

Looking for consistency and reliability

- Patrick McNicholas