AJ Baucco Coaching

Why Choose AJ Baucco Coaching?

Jim Libecco

I need a change in my planning. I started with a fueling plan and was convinced there was something different here and I could be faster.

- Jim Libecco

Jeff Uzl

September 10, 2012 I hit enter on my computer confirming my entry into Ironman, WI. Now what? Fortunately, I crossed paths with professional triathlete A.J. Baucco. He put together a training plan that helped me cross the finish line at some big races in 2013 that included American Triple T, Double Musselman Triathlon, and Ironman Wisconsin. A.J.'s plan addressed my training needs while balancing work and family requirements. His prerace and race day plans put you at the starting line with confidence that you will be performing at a high level and attaining your race day goals.

- Jeff Uzl

Kylie Waller

I have a history of getting injured. I wanted a coach who could rein me in and bring me to the start line HEALTHY and ready to race. Several friends vouch for AJ Baucco Coaching, so I went with proven success.

- Kylie Waller

Michael Shipp

Ryan was one of my coaches at the 2015 Team RWB triathlon camp. Following the camp, Ryan and I stayed in contact as he helped me through my training. Once I made a decision to do a 70.3, I knew a coach would be helpful...which is why I chose Ryan.

- Michael Shipp

Elizabeth Chois

I have heard nothing but positive raves about AJ for a year. When I decided to do an Ironman, there was no doubt he'd get me to the race prepared physically and mentally.

- Elizabeth Chois

Ryan McCready

AJ is a student of the sport and knows the coach-athlete relationship from both sides.

- Ryan McCready

Daniel Cummings

I found the ethos of AJB Coaching and my goals align perfectly. Basically I really am looking to improve on a personal level but measured through racing as I enjoy the competitiveness I have with myself!!! Their holistic, calculated approach is what I am looking for – I want to train, utilize the tools & techniques and analyze metrics the same way a pro would, but for personal gains on an amateur level.

- Daniel Cummings

Erick Passmore

I was recommend AJB coaching by multiple people, many of which stated that the group was one of the best in the state and will help you reach your goals.

- Erick Passmore