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Fueling Plans

If you are not a Full Service Coached athlete and would like to get a Fueling Plan done by AJ Baucco Coaching, download and complete the Fueling Plan Questionnaire and email it to ajbcoaching@gmail.com.

What's Included in our Fueling Plans?

Through an initial questionnaire, we will gather information about each athlete; specifically, their past experiences with training and racing nutrition.

Sweat Test:
This test will tell us exactly how much fluid each athlete is losing under different conditions. We use these results to determine accurate hydration needs. We provide each athlete with very specific instructions on how to complete a proper sweat test.

Fueling Plan Document:
This 11 page document will include specific instructions detailing exactly what to eat / drink on race day and is based on your sweat test results. It provides specific fueling instructions for all race distances and instructions for training. It also includes instructions for your carbo load.

After you receive your Fueling Plan, one of our certified coaches will set up a phone call with you. They will explain the document in detail and provide more information on how to get the most out of your plan.

What do Fueling Plans Cost?

One-Time Fee: $150

Notice: There is a 3% surcharge associated with online billing that is added to all transactions.

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