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Cheers to showing off bikini and board short bodies!

August 02, 2019 - As the last month of summer training approaches, we are bringing you quick and cookless recipes. This month we are showcasing mouth-drooling recipes that involve zero time glued to the stove or using a hot oven.

It is not uncommon to feel too hot to eat after a summer workout. Remember to hydrate and still grab a bite. These chilly recipes are destined to help you cool down after that hot run or ride!

Relish those warm evening workouts and soak up what may be the end of warm weather for some of us. Most importantly, a reminder as summer comes to an end that all bodies are ready for swimsuit weather. Fuel to perform and not for physique, as these are not the same thing. Trust your training and respect your body as it is today. If you have spent the summer too afraid to train with your shirt off or strut around in your new swimsuit, then this is your month to shine. After all, we do not expect all dogs to look the same, so why do we expect humans to come from a cookie-cutter? Click to watch this video if you need a self-love reminder and check out the list below of 20 ways to love your body.


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