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December 04, 2017 - Swim, bike, and run. Work, family, and friends. Vacations, holidays, and social hours. How on earth can we balance all of these things and remain sane? Our next few posts will feature key tips and strategies from our very own AJ Baucco. This week we will discuss a very important factor: time management.

 Time Management & Tips to Simplify Your Life

I have personally seen athletes juggle stressful full time jobs, large families and 20 hours a week of training... while still sleeping 8 hours a night and recovering well. So I know this is all possible. Just takes some serious time management. Remember that stress and management of stress plays a large part in our recovery as athletes. One of the best ways to minimized stress is by maximizing time management. 

-First tip for making this happen: SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE. If triathlon is very important to you and you want to see how good you can get, you need to simplify your life as much as possible. The less cluttered we are and the more organized we are, the easier training becomes. This doesn't mean that you need to live alone, quit your job and avoid contact with the outside world. It just means that you should analyze all aspects of your life and see if there are areas that could be simplified to help with your ability to train and recover.

-Here are a few examples:

1) Temporarily cut back on social outings. I don't think it's healthy to do this year round, but during your bigger weeks of training, you may need to take a rain check when it comes to going out on the town. When I am deep in an important training block, even a low key dinner with friends can create unneeded stress.

2) Spend more time with like minded people. We all have friends outside of Triathlon, and much of the time those are the people that are pulling us away from what we want to accomplish in the sport. Personally, I left Cleveland in my early 20s to get away from my family and friends. That sounds absolutely terrible, but none of those people did triathlon and very few understood what I wanted to do in the sport. Even if they didn't mean to, they added stress to me and made it just a little harder for me to focus all of my attention on getting better. Fast forward nearly 10 years and 99% of the people around me on a daily basis are professional triathletes or very serious athletes of some sort. Now, people are trying to convince me to go on 100 mile rides, not to go to bars at night.

3) Take on less responsibilities: this may mean taking on less work related responsibilities (if that's possible) or it may mean avoiding home projects or other things like that during your season. It doesn't mean that you can't take on more responsibilities during the off season... personally, as my season progresses, I start a list of things I want to do once the racing season is over. This list includes at home projects, work projects, etc. Once I go into off season mode, I move all of my attention toward those things.

4) Plan meals! Create healthy eating routines around your training routines. You may even consider pre making food on Sundays. At my house, we make a lot of the weeks training snacks on Sunday. My lovely GF will make a healthy banana bread that I have early mornings before training. She also makes breakfast burritos that we freeze. I eat those between training a lot. We have a ton,of smoothie ingredients on hand. She will also chop a ton of veggies and makes a few healthy dips with Greek yogurt.

**Not sure if everyone knows this, but almost all of the recipes that I just mentioned and also most of our go-to healthy lunch and dinner recipes are on the AJBcoaching website under recipes.**

The next step in simplifying our lives as triathletes is to simplify and make our training schedules more efficient. Stay tuned as we will be covering this next week for our final segement in "TRAINING FOR THE BUSY ATHLETE".

Anyone else have examples of how they were able to simplify their lives in order to improve performance? We would love to hear it. 


Article by, 

AJ Baucco, 

- Owner & Founder of AJ Baucco Coaching

- Professional Triathlete

- Triathlon Coach

AJ Baucco Coaching is world class triathlon coaching for age group athletes of all ability levels. We specialize in Full Service Triathlon Coaching, but we also create Focused Training Plans for athletes that like a more hands off approach. Feel free to contact us with any questions or to set up an informational phone call.

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