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My first win

First place overall at the FGCU Eagle Sprint Triathlon 1/4mi Swim, 9.4mi Bike, 5k run Swim: 7:40 (1:45 / 100yd) T1: 0:55 Bike: 25:29 (22.1 mph) T2: 1:00 Run: 18:05 (5:50 / mi) Total: 53:10

After coming off a dissapointing second place in a reverse triathlon the weekend before. I was going into this race wanting more. The race only 10 minutes away from me so not much travel was needed. Was wetsuit legal so I decided to wear my B70 helix. Temps were in the high 50's on race morning which made for quite the chill to us Floridians and most opted to wear a wetsuit with water temps in the low 70s.

I was the first wave and immediately found myself fighting for position on someones feet. I was able to stay towards the front pack and have a decent swim. There was a short uphill run off the beach into transition area Knowing the swim is the weakest leg for me, as soon as I got out of transition I knew I had to start making up ground on the bike. By the time I got to the first turn around, I had picked a few people off and I was in 7th. It was a 2 loop course around campus and by the time I got to the second loop, people who started behind me in later waves were entering the course. HR ran a little low and power was slightly lower which was most likely due to the cold. Did get windy on certain areas of the loop which slowed things down slightly. My legs did not feel super warmed up. Knees got stiff and cold. Hand were getting cold as well and when I got into T2 I saw maybe 5 bikes as I quickly tried to get my shoes on. Took me an extra 15-20 seconds with the cold and not being able to grab well with my hands to get my shoes on but headed out and for first quarter mile saw pace was 5:45. I dialed it back a little. HR was running low overall with the cooler temps so used pace and HR along with effort to keep things in check. By the first mile I had passed two people and saw 3 more ahead along with a golf cart. I thought I was much further behind and once I realized the golf cart was the rabbit, I was guaging my pace/HR and how much distance I was making up. By the second mile I was closing in on third and was cruising towards the leaders which were only a few seconds apart. I took the lead with a little less than a mile to go and kept a steady pace as I passed him. When I passed the leader he had uttered "shit." He hung on with my pace for maybe 15sec but could tell he was hurting much more than me. I picked up the pace and dropped him. Had a few turns heading back towards the finish and could see I had a solid lead and wasn't going to be caught. Ran home to the finish line of college girls in their UGGS and yoga pants (remember it was 57!!) on campus cheering me along. That was a spectator friendly run for sure ;)

Overall I am super stoked that I finally won a race. Working with AJ these past 14mo has gotten me to a whole new level of fitness. Being that I did IM last season we had only started doing speedwork around Jan. Very excited to see how much faster I can get with the help of my awesome coach, AJ Baucco. Looking forward to the rest of the season and hopefully some more wins

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