AJ Baucco Coaching

Why Choose AJ Baucco Coaching?

Marty Traky

I've seen too much improvement over the last few years and want it to continue. Plus having the encouragement and guidance to push myself is something is extremely beneficial.

- Marty Traky

Erik Tasker

After Ryan took 45 minutes to help me learn more about the program, we had a lot in common and he seems to understand where I come from as a bigger athlete, challenges in the heat, nutrition consumption, and difficulties on the hills. I'm excited to work with Ryan and get the ball rolling for 2 70.3 races in 2017 and the ultimate goal of Ironman Wisconsin 2018!

- Erik Tasker

Melissa Spaid-Decker

Tim Delss has been highly recommended by fellow athletes I train with and is always friendly and helpful.

- Melissa Spaid-Decker

Nikki Bourassa

My friend Katie empathized with my need for goal-driven competition and also heard my cries for some sort of oversight and direction to go with these new goals. She's had a great time working with AJ, so I decided to join the ~club~ too

- Nikki Bourassa

Ryan Alexander

As I am embarking on a new journey I feel that it is time to invest in myself as an athlete. I chose A.J cause I trust and believe in him as an athlete as well as seen how he interacts with his athletes as a coach. I have had other coaches in the past that look at you as a pay check or a way to promote there business. I feel that this team looks at you as an individual and wants to help you succeed and see you progress in a difficult sport.

- Ryan Alexander

Nick Weber

I met Ryan at the Team RWB Tri Camp in Austin and worked with him a bit through Tri Camp follow ups. Once I made the decision to register for a 70.3 I knew I needed a coach and working with Ryan was the obvious choice.

- Nick Weber

Paul Wills

AJB coaching for his great group of coaches, athletes, and experience. I really need a structured workout and guidance. I have spent to much time winging workouts with no structure! AJB will solve this and create less race day fails I have experienced lately!

- Paul Wills

Brad Boggs

I love working with AJ to get the best out of myself!

- Brad Boggs