AJ Baucco Coaching

Why Choose AJ Baucco Coaching?

Brendan Barton

I've known Aj for nearly 15 years and have watched his progression through the sport of triathlon. I've had a couple year hiatus from triathlon and my last big race was Ironman Lake Placid 2008. I decide to throw my hat back in the ring and jump back on the boat. Signed up for Ironman Lake Placid 2014. When Aj offered to coach me it seemed like a natural fit. This will be my first time working with coach and have a lot of confidence in his coaching ability. I'm excited for 2014 and looking forward to seeing some solid results.

- Brendan Barton

Amy Bade

I train and love it but also have a life. My summers involve frequent travel..ie bike and hiking trips. My coach structures my weeks around my trips, so I can enjoy the summer and not feel like I am "only training". I am completing my 6th Ironman next week and competed in the 70.3 Worlds last month in Chattanooga. I am 61 years young.

- Amy Bade


For the great service, knowledge and experience... and for Coach Rob :)

- Vincent "Vinny" Salcido

Nick Weber

I met Ryan at the Team RWB Tri Camp in Austin and worked with him a bit through Tri Camp follow ups. Once I made the decision to register for a 70.3 I knew I needed a coach and working with Ryan was the obvious choice.

- Nick Weber

Stephanie Liles-Weyant

I started out as a Baucco Squad member and I got to see firsthand what great coaches AJB Coaching had at the Florida Tri Camp. I knew that I wanted to be coached by A.J. Baucco. It's been a great experience and A.J. has help me succeed in all my races, including helping me qualify for World Championship 70.3. And as a coach myself, I wanted to join this great group of AJB Coaching. If you want to meet your goals, I'd recommend being coached by myself or one of the wonderful coaches we have at AJB Coaching!

- Stephanie Liles-Weyant

Katie Spotz

Coaching is more than just being an awesome athlete. AJ takes the time to share what he has learned along the way and is completely invested in his athletes. I have only heard good things about AJ's coaching and I'm excited about what the season will bring with his guidance and support!

- Katie Spotz

Nikki Bourassa

My friend Katie empathized with my need for goal-driven competition and also heard my cries for some sort of oversight and direction to go with these new goals. She's had a great time working with AJ, so I decided to join the ~club~ too

- Nikki Bourassa

Michael Shipp

Ryan was one of my coaches at the 2015 Team RWB triathlon camp. Following the camp, Ryan and I stayed in contact as he helped me through my training. Once I made a decision to do a 70.3, I knew a coach would be helpful...which is why I chose Ryan.

- Michael Shipp