AJ Baucco Coaching

Why Choose AJ Baucco Coaching?

Barbara Thomas

I love the feedback Rob gives to make me a more competitive athlete. He is always there to chat. Love the people I have met.

- Barbara Thomas

Michele Keane

I believe that initially I hooked up with the Baucco Squad through the encouragement of folks from the Cleveland Tri Club. I was ( and still feel like I am) totally new to the triathlon world and it seemed like a good fit and a good idea to have a coach. I have loved working with Lesley as I am one of those athletes who responds well to a plan and likes to be able to bounce ideas of a person rather than just follow a printed workout list. I really feel like I have made tremendous progress and working with a coach keeps me accountable.

- Michele Keane

Michael Smyth

First off I've received many good testimonials from Cleveland Triathlon Club (CTC) members re: working with AJBC. Second as a sponsor of CTC, it makes sense to me to work with AJBC and begin the process of "knowing" triathlon training and racing v hoping which is what I've been doing in part since starting in the sport in 2011. Lastly I have benefited greatly from other coaching relationships in my life and enjoy the learning I get from a coaching structured relationship.

- Michael Smyth

Anthony Muscarello

Worked with Cam last few years and he has brought me to the next level.

- Anthony Muscarello

Audra Adair

BC I want AJ to keep me honest

- Audra Adair

Paul Wills

AJB coaching for his great group of coaches, athletes, and experience. I really need a structured workout and guidance. I have spent to much time winging workouts with no structure! AJB will solve this and create less race day fails I have experienced lately!

- Paul Wills

Chris Clymer

Been doing tri's about 3 years now, generally just surviving each race and moving up in distance. Caught up to me in Chatt, ready for a little more discipline and planning. AJ and Rob both seem to get where I'm coming from goal-wise.

- Chris Clymer

David Crowell

I see the benefits of meaningful structured workouts. It’s nice to not have to guess what you need to do every day. Just get up and do what is set up for you. Then you can go into a race with a clear mind that you did the right things to prepare.

- David Crowell