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Beeyond HarvestED UNITS

Our new dynamic asynchronous classroom garden and agriculture program cultivates sustainability through a Soil, Bees, Seeds, and Food Program. It includes Asynchronous Digital STEM Toolkits Units and educational materials grants to schools nationwide.

Where does our food that is alive come from?

This inquiry evolved into exploring the fate of uneaten food and the impacts on sustainability and power of food waste.The Beeyond HarvestED Program, our innovative K-6 classroom garden and agriculture initiative, comprehensively covers the life cycle of fruits and vegetables grown in gardens and on farms, encompassing topics like soil, bees, seeds, preparing fresh food, and everything in between! Rooted in creating opportunities for environmental literacy, Beeyond HarvestED aims to nurture both gardeners and future leaders in agriculture.Beeyond HarvestED Digital Toolkits foster hands-on exploration while being flexible and aligned with NGSS standards to cultivate future green leaders and scientists through Science and Engineering Practices.


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Beneath Our Feet: Unveiling the Secrets of Soil - Explore the wonders of soil composition and its impact on plant growth and the larger ecosystem! Your learners will engage in hands-on soil experiments that help them learn more about the role of invertebrates and microorganisms in soil health.

From Scraps to Soil Gold: Nature's Way of Nutrient Recycling - Learn the processes of composting and decomposition and their role in nutrient recycling on the microscopic and macroscopic levels in an ecosystem. Your learners will understand the importance of reducing waste and promoting sustainable habits that improve the quality of life all around them.

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Tiny Garden Allies: Native Bees and Garden Invertebrates - Discover the world of native bees and powerful pollinators in our ecosystem! A Planet Bee classic, this lesson will have students explore the symbiotic relationship that plants and pollinators depend upon to thrive and contemplate what might happen to us if we ever lose them!

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Seeds of the Future: Saving, Sowing, and Growing -  Unravel the magic of seed saving and the historical significance of the practice. In this toolkit, students will engage in the hands-on nurturing of plants, from seed to sprout, and investigate the cultural significance of some heirloom plant varieties.

Sustaining Our World: Food for Today and Tomorrow - Build the habits of sustainability by studying what it takes to create food systems that take care of our planet! Students will learn how to advocate for food systems that sustain their communities and the planet while learning to prepare simple and fresh recipes right from the garden!


Calling all formal and informal educators. Apply now for a Beeyond HarvestEd Materials Kit Grant!

This grant is now closed.

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Presenting our cutting-edge classroom garden and agriculture program, Beeyond HarvestED, strategically crafted to nurture sustainability-minded perspectives among students in grades K-6. This initiative is aligned with educational standards, specifically emphasizing adherence to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for grades 3-5.


Beeyond HarvestED showcases asynchronous STEM digital toolkits comprised of five units that can be accessed by educators and learners nationwide at no cost. The toolkit includes engaging instructional videos, interdisciplinary activities, collaborative projects, whole-group lessons, and more, making Beeyond HarvestED an invaluable resource for cultivating future leaders dedicated to championing the health of our planet. It delves into critical topics such as food waste, soil health, sustainable food production, pollinator impact, and more.


This grant is open to all educators in the USA!Material Kits for formal and informal educators in PA, MD, WV, or VA schools are sponsored by The GIANT Company. Not in these states? You will be put on a waiting list as we consistently seek funding opportunities for our programs, which are accessible to schools nationwide.Applicants that are not awarded will receive an acknowledgment email with a link to Beeyond HarvestED Digitial Tool Kit and supplies list to purchase supplies or use what they currently have in their classroom.


This is a rolling grant and will remain open as long as supplies last.

Please feel free to contact us at with any questions or to follow up on your request. We appreciate your support of our program, and thank you for helping to feed the bees!-

All curriculum is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards

Special thanks to our premier sponsor, The GIANT Company!

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