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Integrate NGSS in your curriculum and take STEM to the next level in the classrooms!

Planet Bee Foundation is excited to present a unique opportunity to enhance your teaching prowess and invigorate your classroom experience. Our professional development workshops are designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule, making the most of your lunch break or any available time slot. Join us in this journey, where you'll learn, connect, and bring newfound excitement to your classroom! Workshops will roll out in winter 2023/spring 2024!
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Introducing our innovative professional development series, designed to empower educators like you to integrate seamlessly:

  • Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)**
  • Science and Engineering Practices
  • Environmental Literacy Standards (STEELS), Pennsylvania
  • Technology integration
  • Environmental Education Principals Supporting EcoStewardship

**States with state-specific science standards modifications and elements can have workshops modified to fit their standards frameworks.


Bringing the Outside In! - Nurturing the Next Generation of Nature’s Stewards

Too often, we encounter barriers in our classrooms that prevent us from engaging in hands-on scientific experiences. From lack of time, to lack of resources, let’s take time to think critically about how to circumvent those barriers and bring the natural world directly into the hands of our students!
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Bee an Engineer: For Teachers! -Teaching Inquisitiveness and Resilience

Join Planet Bee in exploring how the Engineering Design Process can build in students the curiosity needed to explore big questions, and the resilience to keep pursuing answers when they don’t figure it out the first time!

Bee a Scientist: For Teachers! - The Future is Bright: Developing the Habits of Scientists and Engineers

There is no kid who doesn’t deserve to see themselves as a scientist! Taking it back to the basics, we dive into the Science and Engineering Practices of the NGSS, and figure out how best to incorporate them into our varied classes. how to seamlessly blend environmental education and sustainability into your curriculum. Harness the power of recycled materials to engage students in captivating hands-on science activities.

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