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Planet Bee Foundation is on a mission to change the world - one bee and one mind at a time!

Planet Bee is dedicated to creating a green-minded generation by teaching about the importance of bees as a pathway to STEM, conservation, and innovations in agriculture, cultivating the green leaders of tomorrow through the power of science and stewardship. We teach in the US and Canada in schools, nonprofits, and corporations both virtually and in person.

Our programs are provided at no cost to schools and nonprofits in our dedication to social justice, preventing any barrier to inclusion. Special thanks to our generous grantmakers, donors, and corporate partners for sponsoring our programs nationwide.


Social Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: All individuals deserve to feel empowered to take action for their planet, regardless of race, religion, gender, class, or location. Teaching a variety of educational programs to different populations using virtual and onsite instruction provides equitable access to a broad range of learners.

Stewardship: All individuals deserve a future in which children and adults are exposed to global environmental issues and given the tools to combat them. Stewardship activities promote environmental ethics and unite communities. When individuals perform acts of conservation, they find their place in our interconnected world.

Sustainable Future: All individuals should be given the knowledge to make choices in their daily life that have positive lasting impacts. Education and meaningful learning experiences open minds, initiate change, and empower all individuals to protect our planet. 

Unique Perspectives & Innovation: All individuals have unique perspectives and solutions to environmental issues crucial for the future of our planet. Innovation and the lifelong pursuit of knowledge are fostered through meaningful learning experiences. Learners develop knowledge and skills through direct scientific research which empowers them to solve challenges facing their community, environment, and society.

Civic Engagement: All individuals should have an opportunity to care for our planet. Contributing locally is a powerful force in community building and connecting citizens to environments close to home. Ecoliteracy empowers stewards for the planet and strengthens neighborhoods while preparing the leaders of tomorrow. 


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The seeds of Planet Bee were sown in 2000 when the husband and wife team, Bill and Debra, discovered backyard beekeeping. With deep love and admiration for the natural world, they spent many weekends exploring outside-- gardening, backpacking, and of course, beekeeping. As their love of honey bees grew, they became very concerned when Colony Collapse Disorder emerged in 2006. Since farmers employ beekeepers to bring hives into their orchards and fields to ensure pollination, the potential consequences of Colony Collapse Disorder meant not only losing bees but losing the ability to pollinate fruit and vegetable crops. Deb and Bill began to take organized action in 2010 under the name Marin Bee Company. They gave free seminars, installed beehives, and began working with nonprofit organizations, community gardens, schools, and corporations. During these formative years as Marin Bee Company, they saw that youth were not as informed or involved in environmental issues and conservation efforts. Debra and Bill shifted their focus to developing an education program for youth, in addition to the successful community and corporate programs that were established, and rebranded the organization as Planet Bee Foundation. As a former public school teacher and college professor, Debra wanted to ensure that all students could experience the wonder of bees in the classroom, with no barrier to inclusion. She envisioned a fundraising model that would allow teachers access to all lessons and educational material for no cost in a commitment to social justice. It’s with much pride that Planet Bee programs have always provided programs for no cost to public schools and nonprofits, thanks to generous donors, grantmakers, and corporate sponsors. Planet Bee received its 501(c)(3) in March 2015. As demand grew, they expanded their Environmental STEM Education Program to include native bees as well as honey bees. Planet Bee’s program grew exponentially and scaled up nationwide during the pandemic. With this growth, Planet Bee was provided with the perfect opportunity to offer programs both virtually and in-person as technology became more deeply integrated into daily life, education, and the workplace. Planet Bee is proud to work with schools, nonprofits, and corporations across the nation and in Canada with hubs in the San Francisco Bay Area and Pennsylvania, impacting over 200,000 and counting!
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