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Virtual and In-Person Team-Building


All proceeds from corporate workshop fees go towards providing STEM lessons to students across the country at no cost in our committment to social justice!

Planet Bee’s team-building workshops are offered in-person and virtually to support your company's green initiatives. These unique hands-on provide fun yet educational opportunities for teams to engage with each other, build camaraderie, and learn how to help save the bees while doing so! Each virtual and in-person workshop includes a presentation about bees and their importance, Q&A, and a hands-on activity (details below). Our workshops are designed to be family-friendly.

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Virtual Honey Tasting Workshop

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Join us for a virtual guided honey-tasting workshop, complete with a selection of 6 raw honeys to sample and rate. Your team will learn about the inner workings of a beehive and how bees make honey while smelling and tasting a variety of yummy honey! We will ship honey flights directly to participants’ homes prior to the event.

Native Bee Workshops / Virtual and In Person!

Presented by Dr. Jason Graham, Planet Bee’s STEM educator, and staff entomologist.

Virtual Native Bee Workshop

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This virtual one-hour interactive workshop about native bees will educate team members about the importance of native bees to our ecosystem as well as our food systems (native bees pollinate food crops too!) Dr. Graham will also present his research about native bees, including ways to get involved with Planet Bee’s . Then he’ll turn his focus to stewardship activities that support pollinator populations by introducing simple methods of creating native bee homes. This dynamic workshop includes an optional DIY 30-minute native bee nest-building stewardship activity.

In Person Native Bee House Building Workshops

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During this two-hour volunteer opportunity, team members will take pride in creating STEM kits that contain a native bee house and all the supplies students need to complete them. Kits constructed during the workshop will be donated to parks, community centers, and schools. This workshop also includes an education tabling program for employees, complete with an observation hive filled with live honey bees, seed ball making, and honey tasting!

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